Design Pine

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Who We Are

Home Dr’s. is the latest enterprise founded by Scott and Robin Himley. We’re two brothers with over sixty years of construction experience between us. Our work is noted not only for its advanced style, but also for the superb quality of construction and materials that we use. We pride ourselves as well on delivering outstanding customer service and an unmatched problem-solving ability in everything we do.

It’s this- our unique combination of style, expertise, customer service, and innovation- that makes working with us a second-to-none experience.

Why Go With Home Drs.?

With Home Dr’s, you get the peace of mind and confidence that comes with using a company built on a solid foundation of years of training, knowledge, and flawless execution— all the while maintaining outstanding customer service and quality.

We’re ready to handle all your construction, remodeling, and renovation needs. Let’s get working together: today!

Our History: Building On A Tradition Of Excellence For Over 55 Years

Our roots go deep in the history of Chicagoland’s residential construction industry. George Himley, our father, started his contracting company in 1954. We grew up in the business and it’s no surprise that we learned the “right way to do construction” from the start.

Only after many years of training and experience did we start their own businesses, always building on the family tradition by maintaining the same principals, values, and building techniques.

Every business has to change and adapt to evolving market conditions. So, we have always integrated new, cutting edge practices for energy efficiency, environmental and “green” concerns, and construction economics into all that we do.

It was just for this reason– to better respond to changing market requirements and customer needs– that we formed Home Drs.