George Himley

Home Dr’s roots go deep in the history of Chicagoland’s residential construction industry, as does their commitment to quality and customer service.

George Himley started his contracting company, Himley Enterprises, in 1954. He focused on delivering high-end products and impeccable service to clients in the residential construction market.

The homes he build were noted not only for their advanced style, but for their superb quality of construction as well. He also brought a commitment to customer service and an unmatched problem solving ability to all of his projects.

It was this unique combination of style, expertise, customer services and innovation that made working with George a second to none experience for his many customers.

Continuing this tradition of excellence are George’s sons, Scott and Robin. They grew up in the business and were immersed in the “right way to do construction” from the start. Only after many years of training and experience did they start their own businesses, always building on the family tradition by maintaining the same principals, values, and building techniques.

Every business has to change and adapt to evolving market conditions. Such has been the case for the boys, who have integrated new, cutting edge practices for energy efficiency, environmental and green concerns, and construction economics into all that they do. To better respond to the changing market conditions and requirements, the boys formed the new company, Home Dr’s., Series, LLC.

Digging the foundation started by hand & wheel barrel
All Uncle Mic wanted to do was stairs, however he always got side tracked
After the deck, the first floor walls were continued in block
Bob setting the glass block and steel lintle to the garage wall
George chat’n with brother-in-law Red who was helping for the day
Waiting for the concrete to flow
Setting of the batter boards for layout of foundation
George nailing down the sub-floor
The weekend always brought the family out to help, and of course feast
When it came time for the roof the family was always welcome
Sofits were constructed from wire lath and portland cement
Concrete pouring of the patio
Removal of all excess dirt
Foundations were made of cement block
Sidewinders came in handy over the traditional hand saws
Brother Bob buttering up the glass block
Sheeting of the roof with re-claimed lumber
When it was time for cement volunteers were always welcome
We found an excavator for final grading