Do It Yourself (DIY) has been on the rise for years. Many homeowners are taking their home renovation projects in their own hands for a number of reasons; cost, the pride of accomplishing a project with their own hands. Sometimes these projects can get out of control when you’re not familiar with remodeling, or you need a specific piece of something, which is why we are here to guide you. We’ll help you get through your DIY project safely, effectively, with the right parts, and the right way.


We offer in-house and on-site consulting for every stage of your DIY project. We can help get your thoughts and inspirations on paper. Whether you have questions about permits and building code, how to create a material list from your plans, or you’ve failed an inspection, schedule a consultation. If you’ve hit a milestone, but not sure where to go from there, we’ll help keep you on track. From start to finish, our expertise and knowledge is at your disposal.


In our repair center, we can fix just about anything. You can bring in broken items, or hire us to pick up your goods. We can also do on-site repairs for those items causing a roadblock in your project. Don’t let repairs slow you down, give us a call today for help!


Our parts department carries a wide range of surplus materials. We have pieces and parts for all phases of home construction. From rough lumber to trim material, interior and exterior, we carry numerous types of hardwood. For plumbing supplies to HVAC, electrical components to roofing supplies, sheet metal fabrication for flashings and trim to standing seam roofs. Feel free to browse our parts catalog, and give us a call if you don’t see what you need, as we cannot list everything we have.